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Are they involved with Sexting?

Why choosing PhoneSheriff among other similar software?

What are they texting about? You have the right to know. Install this easy program to your child's phone or tablet to view and block disallowed activity. You can even access the logs from any location by logging into the secure site from any computer, tablet or phone Internet web browser.

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By creating the first parental software to monitor Android smartphones, PhoneSheriff sets the global standard. Our programs have gained major media attention from dozens of radio stations, magazines and web sites all over the world. This proves we stand behind our product and service. Keep reading for more reasons why you should choose PhoneSheriff. Dedicated Customer Support We stand behind our software completely. We offer support from real humans to answer any questions you might have.

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If you need help with the software simply contact us and have our representatives assist you through the process. Not a Spyware Application PhoneSheriff software can notify your child that they are being monitored. Since they know the software is installed, they will be more eager to follow your rules.

This option can be turned off when your child's monitoring requires more discretion. Trust a US based company founded in By purchasing from an established firm that has been creating monitoring software since early , you can rest assured you'll receive professional grade software and service. Compatible Android smartphone or Android tablet. Currently not compatible with iOS or BlackBerry. Over the past year, Retina-X Studios has begun to implement steps designed to enhance our security measures which had the positive outcome of restricting data obtained by the hackers in the most recent intrusion.

No personal data was accessed, but some photographic material of TeenShield and PhoneSheriff customers has been exposed. We will be offering pro-rated refunds to any customers who currently have a contract with Retina-X Studios for these services. If you are an active subscriber of any of these services, you will receive an email from us with information about how to obtain a pro-rated refund and access to your data during this process. Brighton was probably not in the garden at all, but was somewhere in the house. The dragon settled himself comfortably, letting his chin come about to their shoulders.

Installation and Initialization

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He lost sight of her on Dartmouth Street, but picked her up at Commonwealth Avenue. It includes period, features and other options needed for every single customer. Fox example, the software is available on monthly, semiannual or yearly basis. Therefore, in order to install sheriff software correctly, check in advance for a free space on the device monitored.

As one of the most efficient cell phone spyware, Phone Sheriff can provide a wide variety of functions. Furthermore, sheriff app allows checking through information, calls and messages that were previously deleted. This function lets parents to block any of websites they think may contains inappropriate content. The instant notification in such a case is a great opportunity to control everything, and be aware of any unpleasant deal. In case your kid tries to enter blocked sites or uses bad language, you will be also notified.

The only disadvantage of phone sheriff v2 is the inability to operate invisibly. Therefore, your kids or employees will know you are monitoring their activities.