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Horrified, she storms out of the apartment. Cassie finally stays at Phoebe's, but she is smitten by her looks as well. Sam Ashurst from Digital Spy ranked the episode on their ranking of the Friends episodes, writing that it had an "amusing twist ending". CollegeHumor writer Willie Muse had a negative opinion on "The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin", due to him considering Ross' move on his cousin to be one of the worst things he ever did. Grantland writer Sam Hockley-Smith thought that the show jumped the shark with this episode, as he considered Ross' crush on his cousin to be one of his most embarrassing moments.

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Hidden categories: Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. The Kendalls express surprise that Ambrose has become interested in women, though Philip found the absence of female companionship natural. Later, Ambrose begins sending letters indicating distrust of the medical care he is receiving in Florence.

Concerned, Philip travels to Italy, only to be informed Ambrose has died and Rachel has left. Though Ambrose's will left the entire estate to Philip pending his next birthday, Philip is convinced Rachel is guilty of murder and threatens her friend Rinaldi with revenge. Philip returns to Cornwall, and later learns Rachel has followed. She arrives at the estate, and while he vows to confront her, he meets her in the boudoir and is infatuated by the older woman's beauty as they share tea.

How spy on your cousin using her phone

They accompany each other on riding excursions, and no longer suspecting her of foul play, he throws an accusatory letter on a campfire. The two cousins conflict over Rachel's intentions to return to Florence and live independently, but Rachel indicates she is not angry with him, and they kiss. Rachel also reveals Ambrose had lost hope for her after a miscarriage. She stays for Christmas celebrations, when Nick receives bank information that she has drastically overdrawn her accounts.

Nick warns Philip that Rachel was notorious in Florence for extravagance and lust. Despite this, Philip intends to turn over much of the estate's wealth to Rachel, as soon as he can legally dispose of it on his next birthday.

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The day arrives, and when Rachel realizes what he has done for her, she expresses gratitude. While out in nature, the two have sex. At a dinner with friends, Philip declares he and Rachel are engaged, but Rachel accuses him of madness. In private, she tells him she was merely thankful to him, but she was not bought and is not ashamed of having sex.

This leads to a struggle, after which Rachel professes fear of him. Sometime after, Philip falls ill. As he recovers, he is suspicious of Rachel and now starts refusing her "special tea. He watches her as she leaves on horseback. He and Nick's daughter Louise begin searching through Rachel's belongings for any incriminating evidence, only to find out she apparently is innocent of an affair and the poisoning attempts Philip blames on her. When he sets out in search of Rachel, he finds she indeed has had a fatal accident while riding, on the same cliffside he directed her to.

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Years later, Philip, by then married to Louise and a father of two, is still, mentally and physically, tormented by Rachel's memory. The film is one of several recent adaptations of Daphne du Maurier 's work. While writing the screenplay, Michell estimated du Maurier intended the story to be set in the s based on the absence of railroads and presence of canals, and considered he had previously explored the time period with his Persuasion , based on Jane Austen 's work. A difference would be du Maurier's story involved more sex than Austen's.

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In September , it was announced Rachel Weisz was in talks to star in the film. Principal photography began on April 4, , [15] [16] and lasted through the spring in England and Italy. Weisz was costumed by Dinah Collin, who aimed for a fashion foreign to Cornwall, and consulted portraits to create an authentic classy appearance.

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The pearls used in the story were also made for the film, based on an painting. For the part, Weisz had to learn to ride a horse side-saddle, a feat made more challenging given her costume. The horse, previously used on the television production Game of Thrones , fell to the ground when it felt Weisz pull on its rein, as it had been trained to do for television, causing Weisz to fear for her safety.

In May , two images from the film were released, featuring Claflin and Weisz. In the U. The site's critical consensus reads, "Excellent cinematography and Rachel Weisz's entrancing performance keep My Cousin Rachel alluring despite a central mystery that's rather easily unlocked. Mark Kermode awarded the film four stars in The Guardian , crediting Weisz for challenging the film 's star Olivia de Havilland as the definitive Rachel, and Michell for his period direction. Club said Michell was "making a welcome return to interesting movies" with this "mordant and fittingly morbid British film with a superbly cast Rachel Weisz.

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