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1. Quickly Access Your iPhone Camera

By making clever use of some of its functions, your phone can pull double duty as an anti-camera gadget. So in the interest of helping you preserve your privacy, this article will explain four ways you can detect a hidden spy camera using an iPhone. Naturally, this also applies to hidden cameras. Make sure to cover the entire room and listen carefully for any interference — buzzing, crackling, etc.

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However, if a certain spot is regularly causing this to happen, you might be on to something. Certain spy cameras rely on infrared lights, which are normally invisible to the human eye. However, the camera on your iPhone can detect this. In order to be sure, point the camera at a known source of infrared light — a TV remote is one.

Just about anything can connect to the internet these days, and surveillance equipment is no different.

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Not every hidden camera will do this, but quite a few modern ones will have a Wi-Fi signal. You should thus your phone to check for anything out of the ordinary. Finally, the App Store has a selection of apps designed to help you detect hidden cameras.

7 best spy camera apps for iPhone 2017

By using the camera and the flash on your iPhone, this app can help you track down spy cams. It does this by looking for the light reflected from the lens of a hidden camera.

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  6. There are a lot, they are good, they all have something that makes them unique With Easy Calc you can record video, audio or take pictures without being noticed. NOTE: This application is intended to be used for fun. It's not intended to record hidden audio or video or any other thing that may violate other's privacy rights. It's not our intention to promote spying others. Delayed trigger, sequencer and so many other options will blow your mind!

    The Motion Detector is available as a paid feature inside the application.

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    This will prevent that someone that grabs your device while recording can access your files. They are totally private and yours. Chose between a default unlock screen or a camouflaged unlock screen that shows a functional calculator fooling anyone. You may export them via eMail or Itunes Share.

    You may also copy your files from the camera roll to our private storage so you don't have to delete those photos or videos that you don't want on the public camera roll. If you have any doubt, concern or suggestion, you are welcome to contact us at contact inzori.

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    We will answer your email right away!. We love what we do and we try to do it well, if you have problems with the application or don't understand how a feature works, contact us before writing a bad review. We are pleased to help! How Many hours i recording this Video 2.

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    How Many Photo Click. Sorry, I previously complaint that the calc app wasn't functioning. It was just the setting issue.