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Use emojis if you like them, just try not to overdo it.

Stand Against Sexting

A well-placed wink can be very flirtatious! Mix things up by sending funny pictures or animated gifs, too. If your crush says he or she is sleepy, send a gif of a cute puppy struggling to stay awake. Keep your texts light and not too long. Heavy subjects are usually better discussed in person or at least over the phone. While there's nothing wrong with getting into deep conversations with your crush, you might want to take the opportunity to suggest you continue the conversation over a slice of pizza.

Say something like, "It's too much for me to type everything out Do you want to meet up and get some ice cream and I can tell you the whole story? Try to get that balance so neither one of you is working harder at the conversation than the other.

How to Monitor WhatsApp and Other Instant Messages

Tease your crush to set a fun, playful vibe. Gentle teasing is a classic flirting move. It's important he know you're not serious, so make sure you send a little smile or winky-face emoji to show that it's all in good fun. You can poke fun at his dirty, lucky hat he always wears, or how she never puts down her guitar.

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To me. Or just start a dialogue? If you want to eventually hang out with your crush, start steering the conversation in that direction. You're going to have to buy me ice cream to make me feel better. Don't send sexy pictures. It may be tempting, and your crush may beg and plead and make lots of promises about privacy which might be completely true , but this is a risk you don't want to take right now.

Install Parental Controls to Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

Even if you trust your crush would never show anyone else, it's possible a friend or even your crush's parents could find it. What if the phone is stolen or the picture gets posted online or sent out? Is it really worth all the worry?

Teens Read 10 Breakup Texts #2 (React)

If your crush cares about you and is worth your time, he or she won't pressure you into doing something you're not comfortable doing or is a crime if you're under End the conversation on a strong note. You don't need to wait for the conversation to fizzle before saying goodbye.

If you end the conversation on a high note, when things are still pretty lively, your crush will be anticipating your next interaction. Leave him or her with something to think about. Don't end things too abruptly if you can help it. Instead of "Gtg!

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Bye," let your crush know what you're up to. Something like, "I gotta run! Going to a concert with Elizabeth!

Don't keep texting if your crush stops responding. Maybe the conversation just died out naturally, or maybe you've sent your crush a few texts over the last week and gotten nothing back; whatever the reason, your crush has stopped responding to your texts. The last thing you want to do is send a million texts asking "Hello? Did you get my text?! If you invite your crush to do something and there's no response, don't wait around. It can be boring, infuriating and time consuming.

It can be stressful, painful, and confusing. What are you doing about it?

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I promise. Mine, too. Nobody likes to hear criticism about his or her kid, right?

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